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Khaled and Mona in Europe

written by Gabriela

This is not an article about how I see my future in Europe - but how I hope the future will be for immigrants.


Khaled Fahri was a teacher at grammar school in Libya. Since 2014 there is been a terrible civil war. One day Khaled had decided that this wasn't a safe place for him anymore and he wanted a better life.

He was thinking for quite some time about leaving Libya. Belgium seemed like a really nice place for him to live. Many of his friends have already left to live in Europe. He collected enough money during the last months to afford to go on a boat that would take him to Greece.

There he went to a refugee camp. He was placed into a tent with two other men. Their names were Hassan and Ahmed. It has been 5 weeks since he came into the camp when a group of Syrian refugees arrived.

Everyone was really lovely to them and Khaled thought there just isn't place for all those people. He went to welcome them and he stopped by one of the new syrian women.

He introduced himself and the woman said her name is Mona. She looked really scared and tired. Then the volunteers who help the immigrants came to them and showed them where they will sleep and basically live. Mona's tent was opposite to Khaled's.

In a few days they became really good friends and after another two weeks Khaled found out that he might have feelings for her. Days went by and Khaled was still waiting for someone to come and tell him he is free to go to Belgium. But something different happened.

Mona was talking to the volunteers and then she rushed to Khaled and hugged him. She was able to go to Macedonia and from there to Belgium. Khaled didn't understand why he hasn't been chosen but he was really happy for Mona. She was supposed to leave in a few days.

Those days Khaled and Mona were inseparable. One hour before Mona's departure they were walking through the camp. Khaled realised that he will miss her a lot. And Mona probably realised it too because she told him that. Khaled promised her that as soon as he gets out of the camp he will find her in Belgium.

Unfortunately he had no idea that it will take another 4 months to get there. When he was travelling from Macedonia to Belgium he was so happy that he will finally meet Mona again.

Well, finding Mona wasn't as easy as he thought it would. When he arrived to Belgium everyone saw him like that disgusting refugee but he was a teacher. He wanted to be polite and nice to everyone.

He started to learn Dutch and after a while he got to know a lot of people. The people from his town were suddenly much nicer to him when they found out that he is learning Dutch and he really wants to fit in.

Eventually, he got a job in local school. He wasn't thinking about Mona anymore. He concentrated on his new life. Until one day, when he saw a woman across the street that looked exactly like Mona. Because it was her. She was trying to find him and she managed to do it.

After 2 years

Mona and Khaled are happily married. Khaled still works at the school and Mona is a shop assistant. They gained a lot of friends together and everyone in the town knows them now.

Nobody is afraid of them and that's what they are most happy about. They imagined their life in Europe would be great and peaceful and it's quite like that. This is the happy Europe they hoped for.


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