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Stereotypes about Muslims

written by Weronika Jaruga, Alicja Bubel, Paulina Ludwikowska, Kamila Lasota, Dominika Frac

There is a lot of stereotypes about Muslims. People believe in them but not all are true. The most of them is unconscionable to Muslims. The Europeans should know their culture and respect this.

Media gives different information about Muslims and saw propaganda. People believe in these stereotypes because it is easier for them. Europeans should not think that Muslims are terrorists. They should build their own world view.

Unfortunately they do not know anything about Muslim's culture, world, habits, religion. They just repeat what media tells. Most of them never read the Koran and they have no idea what it contains.

Effigy of Muslims shows them as aggressive and intolerant people. Of course, there is this kind of Muslims but not all are bad. There are also a lot of factions of Islam. We are afraid of this people because they look different from us.

The reason of their look is culture where they were brought up. We often have a negative attitude to strangers but the situation changes when we know them. This can be interesting experience because we can exchange views.

The most important thing is that we should respect each other. Without it the live will be hard - both for Europeans and for Muslims.


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