◄ Why do people flee from their countries?

People migrate - why?

written by skyfall

Many refugees have traveled a long time since the situacion in their country got worse.

There are many reasons of migration. The main reason is war in the majority of countries. Many emigrants are Muslims so the religion can be a reason, too. The emigrants are afraid of a security their families.

They migrate to countries where it's safe. Their migration aim is mainly West Europe where they can start a new life without violence.

The way to freedom is very hard because they most frequently don't have money to travel and for their life. Many people are trying illegal methods to reach the border. The aim of crossing the border by refugees is a fear and hope for a better life.

"Everyone is equal by law" although their differences in religious, colors of skin and culture-that statement is cause why European Union helps refugees.

The problem of refugees is growing every next day.


Elena, 21.05.2016, 10:47

The Video is nice. Kevin, Michael, Krzysztof and Elena

Jakub Surmacz, 21.05.2016, 11:16

I think that this article is very good because they noticed that the main reason of migration is war and discrimination. They also wrote that immigrants are looking for better life, job and a safety place where they can live. I think that they should mention about advantages and disadvantages of people who migrate. The authors also made really good film which is short and show exactly what a topic was about. It's one of the best article a I have read here.