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Die Prinzipien der EU 

written by Michael und Florian

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Die Umstände, die die Flüchtlinge uns machen, sind in manche Städten ernom, weil die Streuern gestiegen sind und Schulen in Flüchtlingsheimen umgebaut werden mussten. Flüchtlinge mussten sogar in baufällige Häuser ziehen, da es keinen Platz für weitere Flüchtlinge mehr gab. Daran merkt man, dass die EU darauf nicht vorbereitet war und schnell improvisieren musste. Wir hätten schon viel frührer solche Flüchtlingshäuser bauen sollen wo wir sie dann unterbringen hätten können - oder größer Länder sollten mehr Flüchtlinge aufnehmen, da sie mehr Platz haben als wir, anstatt sie abzulehen und sie weiter in andere Länder abzuleiten.

Well migration can be good and can be bad economicly speaking. The part of it for example labour market. Migrats acount for 47% of the increase in the United States and 70% in Europe, filling up important niches. For the public purse.

Migrants contribute more in Texas and so ciol countributions than they recieve in benefits. And for ecomic growth. Migration boosts skills with human capital devolpment of receiving countreis.


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Flo, 21.05.2016, 10:25

Mega Gut

littlebird, 21.05.2016, 11:19

I totaly agree! It's just what I think about it. good job:)

Yannick van Dijk, 21.05.2016, 11:59

The article “Die Prinzipien der EU“ written by Florian and Michael, published at the 20th May 2016, is about the effects of refugee crisis in germany.

The text critizies the unprepared EU and how they handle refugees.

Their argumentation is bothsided, which is the reason why the reader could possibly fail to understand the basic idea behind the article. Such an event can lead to a false image about integration and a wrong view on refugees, without any legit reasoning behind it. As for an example, quote from the text „ [because of refugees]...taxes increased...“. This particular argument could possibly bring people to an idea, that refugees are the reason behind the high taxes and/or other problems, which is completely wrong. Such kind of arguments are all over the text.

In our opinion, next time a better research would be a great idea :)

From: Yannick, Andis, Lena