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I'm Struggling

written by Jakub, Yampier, Magda

Verse 1:

I`m struggling, living in hell

shiny days are gone and my hopes slowly melt.

Shiny days are done, I want to find myself

want to find a new home, start over and feel great.

I`m struggling, leaving all my friends

lost my family in war, which seems to never end.

I gotta go to the peaceful place

before i lose it! Lose all that I have.



I opened my eyes and saw the chance,

I will keep going stronger till the end.

Nada puede fallar,no voy a tirar la toalla y voy a ganar por mi familia

I want to fly away to the better land

feel free, don`t worry or be afraid.

They give their helping hands


Verse 2:

So I took the chance, got on a plane,

I`m going somewhere, where I don`t understand

I don`t even know, who I am.

I`m falling apart, becoming a mad man


I`m scared! Even helpless!

I`m lost! Feeling homeless

I`m a stranger! In their faces!

But thru it all, I`ll still be the bravest!


Chorus 2x


Jan Tre, 21.05.2016, 10:36

Nice Lied!!!
The girls part was really good (no joke)!!!

Atis, 21.05.2016, 11:01

, 21.05.2016, 11:03

This song presents a story about refugee,who had to escape from a country where fights take place to countries where he will have a chance for a better life.

We think this text which really catch our attention is very true and emotional. The man lived in fear and he know that the only way to end of suffering is Europa. He is looking for help, peace and money there.

We think the song is very moving.

-written by Bartek Ludwikowski,Wiktor Lis,Bartek Bracik,Kinga Starnowska,Alicja Bubel

Luke , 21.05.2016, 11:05

Amazing singers! Especially the girl:D

Kim Löhndorf, 21.05.2016, 11:53

very moving song.
it´s good that someone wrote a song about that topic and all of the singers did a good job.

comment written by Kim and Victoria