◄ Principles and aims of the EU: What do we stand for?

Principles and aims of te Europe: WHAT DO WE STAND FOR?

written by Barbara Pihler, Žan Časar, Rok Šmigoc (Slovenia)

In the our group we were talking about fear that Europe has of refugees. We found out that every Country has her own fear of refugees.

Most of the Countrys has the fear that the refugees will affect on our lives, becasuse we all now that they are from a terrorist zone and they have their own religion.

But there are also good and bad people – refugees.

Some come in Europe with a hope on better life and to get out of the fear of war. But some of them come in the Europe with bad intentions to provide terrorism and causing fear between people.

Just remember attacks in France, in Pariz 16. december 2015. This point of the year cost alot of fear and dead people. So it isn't wird that Europeans are doubting about the refugee problem. They are scarede about their jobs, and they are wondering about the future from their children, if the refugee problem is not solved soon.

In Slovenia we think about them in that way:… Slovenia is a small country with big problems. By us is a lot of non working people and a lot of hunger. The people from Slovenia are very angry because we help other people, but we do not think about ours.

The places that were ment for our people, who do not have money, got in the hands of refugees. The places now are dameged and are not in a way that a normal familly could live in.

In this paragraph we put our opinion and our feelings about the refugees in our country.

WE hope that the refugee problems will be solved soon, for he good of everyone.


andreas_christ, 21.05.2016, 11:55

Thanks for your perspective! It is really important that alle Europeans try to understand the perspective of each member states, their necessities and priorities.

It is important not to misinterpretate the priorities of new member states in their own development as a statement of not supporting the principles of human rights and charity.