◄ Why do people flee from their countries?

Motives of migration

written by Daniel Nagy

Since the dawn of humanity, mankind had an inner drive to better their own life. Millenia past, this meant getting more clothes for the colder seasons, or building a bigger hut for the growing family. This will to live and survive is what pushes us through life. This is why we get up to work every day, and this will to live is what motivates hundreds of thousands of millions to leave their previous homes, and seek new opportunitites, new lives in other places, in foreign countries.

There is not a point in our lives where everything is perfect. For some, this simply means a broken lightbulb, or the fridge door not closing properly. But for others, this means barely enough food to get by, no roof over their heads, war, natural disasters, the list goes on. To rid themselves of these problems, some choose to flee to places where they have the chance to experience life without such curses. And this change of place is not without complications and hardships. To leave your previous place of living, which you have known for years, to take a leap into the great unknown, it takes a great deal of bravery, or desperation, or both.

Thus we can see that moving is hard, and immigrants should not be looked down upon. They often have no choice, or even if they had, migration is the best option. And this does not necessirily only apply to the current flow of refugees, but to the people of western countries as well.

In conclusion, migration is a very serious decision, which is driven by very much natural desires. As such, migrants should never be despised, and should instead be helped, since all humans, regardless of gender, age, or colour of skin, should have an equal chance at life.


windwood, 21.05.2016, 11:21

Ich finde, macht der Krieg der Abstand zwischen andere Religionen und die Menschen wollen auswandern. Wann auf die Erde der Friede sein, können die Leute in ihre Länder sicher leben. Außerdem haben die Leute Hunger und sie müssen auf die Heilserwartung suchen

Weronika, 21.05.2016, 11:25

Really good article.The migration is a very big problem and we have to try solve this. Emigres are also people like we and we don't have discriminate them. We should treat emigres equal.